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  • I’m having the same problem. Would the author please address this issue?

    I’m really getting a bit overwhelmed by both WordPress and plugin developers for it. WordPress’s recent upgrade (before 3.5) entirely broke my social networking plugin. Now this.

    To verify, I am experiencing the same issue as noted above. Extraneous code is being entered automatically in the edit window for this plugin and it’s dead in the water. Way to go, Automatic.

    I hate to send others elsewhere, but I’ve noticed this plug-in’s author hasn’t responded to the problems we’re having, so… I found a solution in another plug-in that works beautifully. Add Signature (Reloaded) is working great on my site. ( Here’s the link to in in WordPress plugins:

    Since no comment has been made by Automatic or the developer, I figured I’d make an update here. The plugin will still work with WordPress 3.5.1, but only if you adjust your custom HTML code.

    If you have any quotation marks in your code (within the settings panel of plugin), strip them out. Otherwise, the new WordPress environment, for whatever reason, will insert extraneous code (slashes) wherever these marks are found.

    For instance, if you have code that looks like this:

    <font size=1 color=#999>

    Change it to this:

    <font size=1 color=#999>

    Your signature should now look normal again.

    Thank you SO much! That worked for me!!!
    It’s been driving me crazy!

    This is very broken and prevents even simple functional HTML.


    You’re quite welcome! Glad I could help!

    But how i can put in signature link with title mater? Exg
    <strong><a title=Serwery CS href=>Serwery CS</a></strong>
    Shows me only Serwery as title, because its two words, and if i use ” it isnt work as you know

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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