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  • I’ve torn my hair out for 3 days trying to figure out what was wrong with sending the newsletter ~ it looked as though it was getting stuck and it was when I was adding it for queued sending.

    Today I figured out that of the two lists that I filtered the newsletter to be sent to only one list was actually being sent.

    No big problem I’ll just send it again to the other list, but I’ve got bald spots on my head now….. is there a bug-fix for the plug-in that I don’t know about or is there something that I could be checking on my end to make sure that it’s not a problem with my installation/server?

    I’m running the latest versions of both WP and ALO easy newsletter.

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  • Plugin Author eventualo


    Hi DesignByAnita, I suggest that you debug a test newsletter for those 2 lists: rather than the recipients, you can send all emails of a newsletter to the author (you). You can enable it in Newsletters → Settings → tab Newsletter.
    Why can you tell that only a list was processed? Did you see that in report? or you can view the outgoing emails?
    BTW, if you send a lot of emails and you go over your server limits, the server can stop sending emails and mark them as not sent. So you have to check your server limits about mail sending.
    Please share your tests and feedbacks, it can be useful.

    Ok will try debugging.

    I can tell the list that was processed because the subscribers are only registered on one of the 2 lists not both in any of the cases.

    Specifically there are 234 subscribers on ListA and 1986 on ListB. The total number of recipients was meant to be 2220 but only 234 emails were processed; checking through the email addresses in the report panel revealed that they all correspond to ListA.

    I’ve checked with Hostgator and all the sending settings are correct for my hosting package. I’ve also installed a WP Cron plug-in and the Cron seems to be working correctly.

    Any other thoughts before I start doing the debug?

    Plugin Author eventualo


    As first test, you can make the debug sending to both lists and see if the same behaviour happens again…

    Ok thanks, will let you know what happens.

    I have got the same problem.

    To test it, I made 2 test lists having only one email address each. Both are my email. I selected these two test lists and sent a test newsletter. Only one list was delivered i.e. only one email address. In the report, it showed only the email of the sent list.

    Would you please check it and suggest what should I do? Will you check why the system cannot delivery multiple lists?

    Thank you

    I have the same issue, it will only take e-mails from one of the groups.
    I’ve did some initial debugging and noticed that although the alo_em_get_all_recipients_from_meta() function returns the correct list of e-mails, the alo_em_get_recipients_from_meta() function returns the correct lists but the [total] value is wrong.
    [EDIT} If I need to guess the bug is in the function alo_em_add_recipients_from_cache_to_db() because this is where the total value is set and it stops “too early”…
    This function is too stateful for me to test via a simple test so I’m leaving it to the developer to take over it from here… 🙂

    Btw, sending to each list individually works with no errors. I do have some names in both lists, if this helps in any way

    Plugin Author eventualo


    @ry, thanks a lot for the great bug report. I’m working on it in next days.

    Plugin Author eventualo


    I made a first test and I think the problem appeared when I added the role recipient filter, in plugin version 2.4.10. I’ve just tested the 2.4.9 and the creation of recipients with multiple lists seems to work. I’ll investigate and try to fix it soon…

    Any chance of doing an interim release without the recipient filter? We have mails waiting to go!


    Plugin Author eventualo


    I’ve just made some tests (but not enough yet…), maybe I found something…
    Please comment or delete the line number 592 of file
    alo-easymail_functions.php (plugin version 2.4.13):

    if ( ! reset( $cache['list'] ) ) unset( $cache['list'] );

    Please make some tests sending to several lists, roles…
    I’ll make more tests.
    Let me know your feedback.

    Well, I didn’t want to send to any real listmembers, so I put in a couple of my own addresses into two lists, and tested.

    Worked PERFECTLY!

    Thanks much!!!!

    I also tested with a couple of test lists with different e-mails of mine and it worked!
    Btw a tip for gmail users: you can create multiple aliases for your gmail e-mail address by adding +text to your email name. It will all come to your gmail’s inbox: e.g. if your gmail is: you can send e-mails to etc. Gmail will know that all of these are yours and send them to you. Hope this help with testing.

    Plugin Author eventualo


    The 2.4.14 should fix it. Please share feedbacks.

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