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    I downloaded a theme that I want to use, but it doesn’t show up as a theme that can use on my admin page.

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  • Are you sure there’s only one folder and then the files? For example is should be




    Hope that helps.


    I downloaded a theme

    That’s the first step.
    Second is to unzip it, and then you must upload it to your server. Did you?


    This is a horrible experience! Why is it so hard to change a theme? The download is not working. I hate Word Press right now.

    That’s a poor attitude, it’s incredibly easy. Take Moshu’s advice and it’ll be done in 5 mins. It takes me no longer than a minute from the moment I click download to install a new theme on my wordpress blog.

    Instead of ranting… you should read the resources offered. You did NOT upload any theme to your server:
    the above address clearly shows that only the default and classic (which come with the WP package) themes are present on your server.
    So, I will ask you agin: did you upload the themes?

    p.s. with your attitude you are not likely to get much help in the future!

    Of course I have read the resources offered and attempted to upload the theme to the server. Everything I have tried to do is not working, hence my frustration. Maybe if my screen was visible to someone helping me, they could help pinpoint what I am doing wrong. I don’t mean to offend by ranting, but the installation is not going as easily as I thought it was supposed to.

    How exactly are you trying to upload the themes? That might be the key element here.

    If you are familiar with using a FTP client, you should upload the theme’s own folder in wp-content/themes/ – each theme in its own folder.

    I am trying to upload it through my Cpanel file manager. Once I’m in the file manager, it won’t let me go to where it is stored to even upload it. I’m so not a techie; I might be a lost cause.

    On the page I linked to above – there are detailed instructions how to do it in cPanel.

    Techie or not… if you want to have a website and be your own webmaster, you will need to learn a lot. We all did. Nobody was born with the knowledge of using a FTP client.

    Rather than getting frustrated with the poor person who doesn’t understand, let’s try and help. I am having the same problem. I downloaded and unzipped my theme, and now need to upload it. It’s in my program folder, in my WordPress folder, on my hard drive. The theme folder is called genman-wordpress-theme-11. Inside that, is another folder called the same thing (I don’t know why). Inside that are a bunch of separate files. Most of the files are .php scripts. I, likewise, do not know how to FTP the new theme up to my site. I, like the previous poster, need extremely detailed step-by-step directions. Of course we’ll learn, but we’ll learn by DOING it. If we can’t do it the first time, we won’t learn. Please be patient with us and tell us what to do.




    Actually, this thread has already bveen provided step by step instructions. Moshu linked to them, apparantly no-one is looking at them.

    Why is it becoming “the thing” to expect that these same answers that have existed on the codex for months get regurgitated inside threads?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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