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  • simonwba



    I have a blog at I also have another blog at

    Suddenly these blogs wont work as they should. The links don´t work, and the frontpage don´t load as it should. It have worked fine all along, and I have not made any changes in code or database.

    When I access pages that are not part of the wordpress DB, they will open fine.

    I have tried to contact the host, but they just say they dont give support in “code and script issues”.

    I really hope someone know hos to fix this! Great forum btw..


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  • TechGnome


    DANG Duude…. what have you got going on in there? The pages come out screwed up because it never finishes loading…. High-speed T1 here, and I got bored waiting for it to load after three minutes, I gave up….. What have you got in your sidebars? What kind of plugins do you have? I’ve got a dozen or so and it doesn’t take mine that long to load.




    I have some links and a search in the sidebar. It worked fine just a couple of days ago, and I haven´t changed anything. The server is also fast.

    What´s a bit weird is that the regular links work, but the links to other pages don´t. And another strange thing: when I change how many post I want to be visible at the frontpage, things change. Now it´s 7 days, and I see half the sidebar. The background is also visible down to where the sidebar ends. If I change it to 6 days, I cant see any sidebar. At 10 posts, I just see half the calender..

    The problem is not the size of things. I don´t know why this suddenly happened.. Haven´t change ANYTHING… 😛 Weird…



    My links to other pages aren’t working, either, though they were two days ago. I think I must have screwed up somewhere, because I’m a total newbie at all of this, and it’s confusing to me.

    Any suggestions would be very welcome. I have no idea what’s happening.

    Should I reinstall? Or is there a step by step instruction somewhere? I’ve read a million pages in the past 24 hours, but I don’t find what to do in a case like this.

    Thank you.



    I forgot to say, this is the theme I am using.

    Get the Theme!

    The same thing happens with the default theme and the classic theme.



    Okay, as soon as I ask the question….

    I cleared the permalinks form “Edit Permalink Structure” of any data – I don’t know why, but it brought back all back pages.

    Thanks for looking. You volunteers are amazing.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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