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    Only Website Administrator can view the brave dashboard. When login with and Editor Role with popup access provided causes no brave dashboard.

    admin_popups.js?ver=5.6:7 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Request failed with status code 401
    at e.exports (admin_popups.js?ver=5.6:7)
    at e.exports (admin_popups.js?ver=5.6:23)
    at XMLHttpRequest.m.onreadystatechange (admin_popups.js?ver=5.6:7)


    {code: “rest_forbidden”, message: “You do not have permissions to view this data.”,…}
    code: “rest_forbidden”
    data: {status: 401}
    message: “You do not have permissions to view this data.”

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    @lemkhn Yes, you are correct. This is intentional.

    In the next version however, you will able to allow editors to access Brave interface by adding this custom code:

    add_filter('bravepop_allowed_backend_cap', 'bravepop_allow_editor_access', 10, 2);
    function bravepop_allow_editor_access($currentCap) {
      return 'edit_pages';

    The next version will be out next week.

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    Will it not working if i will add it now?
    I am using User Role Editor. It will be a good option for us to add a capability so we can easily control what roles can access brave.

    Good Plugin btw!

    Plugin Author Brave


    @lemkhn For now, you can go to Plugins > Plugin Editor, and select Brave from the dorpdown list.

    Then select the lib > rest > rest.php file and replace manage_options with edit_pages

    When the new update is there, you can add the custom code provided above.

    Thanks & Regards

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    @getbrave that my friend was very helpful. looking forward for future updates.

    Best Regards,

    Plugin Author Brave


    If you like the plugin and the support, would you be kind enough to leave a review?
    It would help the plugin grow.



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