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  • Hello, I am having a problem. When I went to make a site it wouldnt send a confirmination email for some reason or even create the site even though it pops up. I try to make the domain name as the subdomain wouldnt work but shows it there under Sites. I try to make and also Those two did the samething shows up under site but doesnt work. When you click view site it takes you to Now when I go to click check mark for those 3 and click delete doesnt do anything. So when I click Delete link one of those two on its own it brings me up to a page that says “You are about to delete the site “” or even the other two does it aswell. When I click the Confirm button it goes to a page thats say in < title> WordPress Failure Notice < / title> and the words “Are you sure you want to do this?” with a “Please try again.” link. When I click the link it goes back to the page before where you can delete it. Below is the following plugins I have active.

    Countdown Widget
    Jetpack by
    Multisite User Management
    Profile Pic
    TS Custom Widgets

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  • So I can delete or create a site and I have 5 already im using and they are working and I can delete those but these new ones wont let me something must of went wrong and not sure how to fix this. There is 3 more sites I have to do well blogs aka sites. Hope someone can help me solve this soon.

    Deactivate all your plugins and try again.

    I’ve done that aswell.

    alright im wrong lol thanks I did the network deactivate or w/e and just did deactivatation to the main blog’s plugins and it worked… This happened before and I resolved it but I have a short memory. What causes this to happened?? was it when I made it like

    One of your plugins is interfering. Usually because you network activated something that’s not built to do so.

    So what do I do to make sure this doesnt happen again???

    Narrow down what plugin is interfering, first. Then make sure you did NOT network activate it.

    thanks im just making the Enter page and main page and make sure nothing is activated on enter site and found the problem well the plugin… thanks for your help.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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