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  • I’m completely new to this, so I apologize in advance for any obvious or stupid seeming questions.

    This is a new install, so I have NO posts or any other files at all. I realized quickly after I installed that I wanted or needed multi site for the application I have in mind so tried to read how to convert. Info I read said I needed to make changes to wp-congig-php and .htaccess. Added the code i was advised to add to the wp-config-php, but .ht access was empty. I was told by the support team at A Small Orange to try changing my permissions then changing back in order to re-populate that .htaccess file. Tried that and did something wrong I guess. Now my site is a blank white page, and in my dashboard it says no themes exist. When I try to install a new copy of the theme I chose (iRibbon) it starts downloading and unpacking the pkg then says it can’t create a directory.

    I also tried to access stuff through WinSCP (which I don’t really understand)but don’t think I was ever able to even login other than anonymously so I don’t know if it’s possible I changed something there.

    Any help at all would be appreciated. Spent all day yesterday trying to change to multisite only to make the site completely inaccessible today

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  • General file permissions info:

    But this may be a multisite issue – was it ever working correctly? If you’re brand new to WP you should know that multisite is quite complicated and has a pretty steep learning curve.

    What is it that you are wanting to do in the first place?

    I am running a blog/vlog site with a partner that I want to have a home page ‘news’ blog with button links to 2 more separate blogs and 1 vlog. I read that you can divide blogs up using categories, but I don’t want to do this as I need the blogs to be individual for advertising and informational rights issues. If there is a way I don’t know about to skip multisite and still cover all those bases, please let me know. I do want to use the subfolder not subdomain installation, I believe, i order to route traffic through the main site. If I have to go with multisite. Other than the initial setup I described I don’t need it to be a very complicated or intricate site. I don’t plan to modify the code a lot to do a lot of customizing. I don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. At least at this time, and if I change my mind I may consult someone for help. Is it possible at all to puzzle out a multisite install for a beginner?

    I’ve read the changing permissions files. As far as I know I didn’t do anything weird. Just clicked and changed values, reloaded, changed values back, reloaded.

    There is NOTHING even in my files. This is a brand new install I had only added a theme to and was trying to convert to multisite. Can I just dump this whole install and do a new install while keeping my domain? And if so, can I do a bundle deal, like WAMP, to make it easier?

    Might be helpful to read:

    Don’t Use WordPress MultiSite

    I need the blogs to be individual for advertising and informational rights issues.

    I’m not totally sure what you mean, but there might be other ways to do what you are asking – possibly:

    Or separate installations of WP in sub-directories –

    If you DO decide to stick with Multisite, there’s a forum specially for it so that would be the best place for additional questions –

    I can move this thread over there if you want to stick with this.

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