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  • Plugin Author Jon Cave


    I am unable to replicate this. I have tested by importing the theme test data into a site running 3.2.1-alpha and Importer 0.4. Then exporting that and importing again into WordPress trunk with the development version of the Importer.

    Do you mean that no attachments show up in the media menu and the files do not exist in the uploads directory? Or that they just don’t show up in the actual post’s <img> tags?

    I’m having the issue Jon Cave described. No media appears in the Media menu, and no files are in the uploads directory. No errors are displayed on import either.

    Follow-up: I’m using WordPress 3.3.1.

    Plugin Author Jon Cave


    @brohism: Did you select “All Content” whilst exporting or one of the filtered options (e.g. “Posts”)?

    If it wasn’t All Content then you will not have had any attachments exported. This is currently a known limitation of the export/import process (

    If it was All Content then make sure that you checked the import attachments box during the import process. Also open up the XML file that you downloaded and check for attachments (you should be able to search for something like “<wp:post_type>attachment</wp:post_type>”).

    I think it was limited to just Posts. I’ll try it again with All Content and see if it works. Thanks!

    Ok, I tried it and it did bring in attachments this time – but only some. On the original site there are 577 media items, 513 of which are attached to posts or pages. On the new site, the importer only brought in 113 items, and all 113 remained unattached.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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