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  • stats plugin will not accept my api key, but akismet did so I don’t think the problem is the key.

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  • It won’t accept it if you registered stats with a different email than what you used for akismet. That might be the problem.


    the key doesn’t work for me as well .. i just upgraded to 2.2.2 .. askimet works, and says it’s good .. i click the link to ‘get your key’ .. and am logged in to, and i put in the key shown there .. but .. no workie .. it doesn’t give me an error .. just takes me back to the enter key screen:

    The Stats Plugin is not working because it needs to be linked to a account.

    Enter your API key to link this blog to your account. Be sure to use your own API key! Using any other key will lock you out of your stats. (Get your key here.)


    I’m having the same problem that traceywashere described.



    I’ too, am having the problem described by traceywashere. And I don’t understand Trent‘s comment – what email? No email is required for either! An email is required in order to gen a account and API key, but not to enable the plugins. Both this plugin and Akismet (which I also have) just ask for an API key. Akismet accepted the key; but half an hour later Stats plugin won’t accept it! As mentioned above, there’s no error; it just returns me to the enter key screen.

    Can anyone help please?

    Looks like traceywashere and caesarsgrunt are in the same boat as me. At least I’m not alone. 😛

    Edit: Apparently it’s working now, actually. I just checked back again right after posting this and it seems to be working, though it’s telling me to wait 20 minutes.

    I can’t get this thing to accept my new api key. Askimet will accept but this stats won’t, getting error:

    Error from last API Key attempt:
    The owner of that API Key (user1b29) is not on the access list for this blog. When this blog was registered, someUser9090’s API key was used. To add you to the access list, someUser9090 must visit this blog’s stats dashboard page and use the form at the bottom of that page.

    Anyway I can fix this? I have even dropped the db and start over. please help.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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