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  • Joe Siegler


    I’ve got a question about how to practically go about doing something with WordPress. A story first.

    For ages, I ran my websites on Movable Type. Over time I came to prefer WordPress, and I’m moving my final two websites I did with MT over to WordPress now. They are:

    Anyway, for the most part, the site conversion has gone well, if slow. I’m having to manually convert all the old pages, and there’s a boatload of them. That’s not what I’m asking about. I’m asking about what I believe to be a multi-blog setup on WP, but I’m not too sure about how to go about it.

    On the Black Sabbath site, most of the site is a very old construction, going back to my days with just MS Frontpage. Never updated it, although some time ago I did move two sections into MT. The news (which has been converted, that was easy), and my tour date archives. You see, here’s some background on that.

    For each tour Black Sabbath has done, I have a separate blog for that tour. Here’s an example:

    Each of those dates is a single blog entry. Whether it’s a gig, a note, cancelled, whatever. A lot of it is custom data fields in MT, but I’ve figured out a workaround for getting that data out, and into WP. The question is what to do with it on the WordPress side?

    Right now, you can’t search for that data in MT, as it’s technically a separate blog for each tour. I’d like for it to be searchable via WordPress, and I thought about importing those into the main WordPress blog, but I don’t want all those concert gigs gumming up the main news/blog area. So I thought about making a separate blog for the tourdates, and putting them in there. That would be easy enough, except I would like it to be searchable by the main blog.

    Isn’t that what multiblog is for on WordPress? As I understand it, the data can be searched across the various blogs you have set up. If I’m way off base here, let me know.

    If I can’t figure it out, I can make up I suppose a totally separate blog with another WP install just for the tour dates, and replicate things. I’d rather figure out a way to make it all under one roof so to speak. I can’t think of how to do this, so I’m posting here.

    The Texas Rangers site has a similar thing. The main site has it’s pages, and the news/blog entries. There’s also a couple of sub blogs on there for the player roster, the roster transactions, and uniform number history. I figure if I work out the Black Sabbath issue, I can adapt the solution to the Texas Rangers site.

    Any ideas? Tkx.

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