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  • I have been looking for a plugin that can save time and man this one was a godsend. Let me address the person who left a one-star review. He says there is no time saving because you can’t add multiple users to one site. Hello…, the name of the plugin is Multisite User Synch. Meaning, it is supposed to sync the user of one site with multiple sites. Not the other way around. You reviewed the plugin for something they did not claim. If you are fair, maybe you realize it now and remove that. They deserve a thank you.

    This plugin is for someone like me, who has 300 sites on one installation and need to add new support people to all of them without giving them Superadmin access. Here I can add a new support person to ALL Subsites in less than a minute!

    I don’t understand people who give a one-star review to a FREE plugin without thinking beyond their own use. I am a heavy multisite user and have gotten all their plugins including the one on Envato, I really think they should be thanked for spending time creating a few plugins for multisite users who are not that many.

    One small suggestion to the plugin creators. When I was trying to sync users of the sites, initially I didn’t realize I have to start from the main site. I was looking for that option in the network menu under the setting. Maybe on the setting page where we select the role, you can add a link, or maybe we can choose a site that we want to link with along with users there?

    Anyways, thank you for this plugin.

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