• Love it. I’ve tried many galleries but this one is close to perfect for me. Highly recommend it. I quite like the global settings possibility.

    Would be perfect if instead of just 1 global settings for each style of galleries, we could chose and save several settings, say type-1 masonry, type-2 masonry etc.

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    @esteryn Thank you very much. Your rating is very important to me.

    Perhaps I was able to add such a feature in the future. But I want to remind you about the possibility of copying blocks (copy / past), when copying the settings will be copied and you will only have to change the content to a new one. That is, save the reference galleries in the SimpLy galleries directory and in the future make copies of them and embed them into any page / post and change only the content.

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    Thanks @gallerycreator for reminding me. I’ve had bugs with other plug-ins’ blocks whilst using Gutenberg’s copy paste of blocks, so I avoid using it but did not try with yours yet, will do though, good idea and thank YOU for this great plug-in 🙂

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