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  • Sometimes it works nicely, sometimes it takes 10 secs. to produce output, sometimes there’s no output at all. It disables logging so no idea what’s going on. 2+2 always works tho.

    The Chrome extension is also spotty, sometimes opening the menu instead of the console (“inspect window” makes it work; sometimes). It also lacks a keyboard shortcut.

    As an alternative for quick fixes, good ol’ Debug Bar + Debug Bar Console work reliably as a poor man’s REPL, as does Debug Toolkit to show a trace on the page. XDebug + PHPStorm for real work.

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  • Plugin Author Fulvio Notarstefano


    Thanks for the feedback. The Chrome extension was developed by a third party. You can leave some feedback to them as well:

    The lag you may have noticed sometimes may depend on WordPress and other conditions in the page; I rarely see it, but if you experience it, it may difficult to get around, especially on a heavy site which has a long loading time to begin with (not implying yours has, just noticed too on those sites).

    As for the disabled logging, that’s by design as I wanted to have this plugin to avoid let me check the log every single time and browse the entry related to a specific page or event. Additionally I can type PHP in the console, access all WordPress functions and dump variables or options where I saved some debug info. These are things I can’t quite do with XDebug, although XDebug comes with other useful things like stepping through. I’d advise to use both tools, as they have their own purpose each.

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