• I like to create a PDF & printed archive of my entire blog once each year, and this plugin is a dream come true! Very easy to use. After some experimentation, I found the following settings work best:
    * uncheck “each post begins on a new page” [to save paper in the printed version]
    * 1 column
    * font size normal
    * image size full

    Image rendering on the page still needs some tweaks. I ended up using image size full to avoid aspect ratio problems in many of the images that were stretched horizontally across the entire column.

    Also, when printing to PDF, there is no visual confirmation that the creation of the PDF file has completed. If you try to open the file too soon, Adobe Acrobat gives you an error message, so you have to wait and try again later. I am using a Firefox browser on a Mac.

    Thank you, Michael, for creating this wonderful plugin!

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  • Plugin Author Michael Nelson


    Thanks @doesper!
    Yes the resizing of images and text needs some work. Thanks for the feedback! I’ll try to improve that next.
    Thanks also for the context about how you use it. I’ve been debating if it would be useful to only print posts in a date range. It sounds like that could be good for you, s you wouldn’t need to reprint the posts that were already printed previous years.
    And ya when I’ve used a Firefox add-on to print to PDF, I had a similar issue. I don’t know if there any way for my code to know when the PDF is done generating, but I certainly can add some copy notifying users they may need to be patient and wait for the PDF to finish.

    Plugin Author Michael Nelson


    FYI I attempted to improve image resizing in the latest 2 releases. I also noticed on your blog that the videos didn’t layout very well. From my testing, they should be better now too (they used to take up more space than was on the page, now they should fit well). The two or three column layouts look good to me now too.
    Please let me know what issues you have the next time you take it for a spin.

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