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  • I’m trying to set up a pay-per-view (PPV) solution for my site. My host already offers space for me to place MP4 video files and streaming capability. I want to make sure whatever solution I use can’t easily be circumvented by right-clicking and saving the darn MP4 file.

    Is there a known solution that provides PPV streaming video using Woocommerce?

    It’s bizarre, but I seem to be unable to find any kind of soup-to-nuts tutorial on how to set up PPV on a WordPress site.

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  • Ideally, a solution would allow various purchasing options, such as :

    1. Watch a specific movie any time you like over the next x days (a “rental” of a single title).
    2. Watch a specific movie any time you like as long as it’s posted (a “buying” of a specific title).
    3. Watch any movies we have any time you like over the next x days (a “rental pass” into our catalog, good for x days).
    4. Watch any of our movies for as long as the site exists (a lifetime membership to our video catalog).

    I should specify that I’m not married to any particular e-commerce solution — I just want one that does the trick. WooCommerce seemed to be well-viewed, and I would also be able to sell physical product (DVDs and books and such) using it.

    I’m also willing to pay for a solution. I recognize that free plug-ins are limited. I don’t mind paying for a solution that works.

    Hi Edward,

    I have been able to successfully deploy it for one of my client.

    We are able to give viewing rights to users for specified number of days from admin once they make a payment for a product.

    This means, displaying a teaser video of say a movie to user and once they make payment, they will be able to view the full movie for certain number of days.

    Let me know if you need a similar solution.

    Khushboo Aggarwal

    Hi Khushboo
    It sounds interesting.
    What did you use and was it with Woocommerce? I currently work on a portal similar to and should have some recommendations on what to use as shoppingcart or pay per view solution.

    Would be nice if we could get in touch



    Yes I have the same situation.
    opencubicles: Love to know how you did it!

    I don’t know if this is what you were thinking about, but it may help:

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