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  • Resolved Ed Fritz


    I’m was very thrilled to see this plugin released, I hope it does well….everything seems to work well…..but…

    The player will not open in my post unless I also embed a splash image in the shortcode, I tried usng open quotes instead of a link, but that did not work…..

    Any ideas, I don’t really want to have to find and load splash images…..


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  • Plugin Author anssi


    It has been working well without a splash in my tests. Anyway I will test more thoroughly starting tomorrow morning.

    Do you see any errors in the browser developer console? Can you can show a live site with this problem, it would be a huge help in solving this.


    Hi Kudos for prompt respsonse.

    I think the idea of using browser console was genius. The workflow very intuitive.

    1) The browser works, except;
    The plugin does not autosize dimensions, with maintain perspective on, width or length. I have to uncheck perspective ratio, then enter my width and size.

    I also purchased license and add key.

    2) Another bug I am working thru is that I do not see my logo on player, even after add link in settings.

    here is a video that has been posted:

    here is the send to editor code:
    [flowplayer mp4=”″ width=”480″ height=”270″ skin=”minimalist”]

    thanks !!!



    I just thought I’d check to see if browsers are are handling the Flowplayer5 differently and causing the problem. They are;

    1) Chrome 24.0.1312.52 works fine, (It displayes empty back video player
    2) Firefox 17.0.1 works fair, (it displays player button)
    3) Safari Version 5.1.7 (6534.57.2) is broken, the player dots are sequencing in hunt mode. the player is not showing up.

    Hope that helps


    Plugin Author anssi


    I just released a new version of this plugin where the player autosizing works. The size is no longer fixed.

    By default flowplayer only shows the logo when the video is virally embedded into external sites. See here: I will add an option to make the logo also showing in the origin site.

    Plugin Author anssi


    Just released version 0.3. There is a new option for always showing the logo. It’s in the plugin’s configuration page.

    Thanks for the update,

    I have downloaded the most current plugin version.

    Thanks for the enhancements for autosizing ! Very good.

    I am not seeing my logo on the player. I am not sure if I am setting it up properly. I am simply putting in a link to my logo in the configuration page. However, nothing is coming thru on the player. Is that correct install ? I tried refreshing catch and looking a various browser, no logos are appearing…:(

    Finally, your player does not work in Safari5.1.5 on computers/ is working on ipads, I’ve reported on this before and a bug you should investigate. I have also traveled to your homepage and Safari with this plugin does not work on your posted videos unless the video has a splash image on your home page.

    The workaround is that a user has to have a splash screen and then a video.

    I am also using a new beta plugin version of FV flowplayer5 and the same problem exists there with the Flowplayer.

    So I think its safe to say that FlowPlayer5 is not compatible with Safari 5.1.5

    Plugin Author Ulrich


    Hello Ed,

    I tested your video on safari and also I tested one of my own without the splash image and it worked.

    Could you check that you are still having the problem?






    im using this nice plugin in my WordPress site and works good if i don’t use splash image. If i use one after trying to play it give me this message “html5: Video file not found”

    Do u know hoy to fix that? I was looking here but didn’t find an answer. Even when i create a new video and ad the splash image automatically don’t show the video preview any more. If i deleted the splash image comeback again the preview.

    My site

    Thanks for the help in advance and sorry for my English… is not so good 😉

    Plugin Author Ulrich



    I would recomend that you update to version 1.0.0 as it should fix a number of things. Another important factor to loading your videos well is the encoding.

    You can read up more about it here.


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