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  • I am using the witty text plugin to display random testimonial quotes (one at a time) in the side bar. Works great, but the quotes are not appearing each time the page is loaded. On some pages it appears. When the page is reloaded, it disappears. Sometimes, another quote appears in its place – which is what I want, but it’s not consistent with all pages.

    What could be the culprit to keep the quotes from appearing each and every time? Here’s the content of the witty.txt

    “Thank you…Your company found us in a disorganized financial state and molded, shaped and guided our financial systems into something that could be acquired for a multi-million dollar deal by a fortune 500 company. I’m convinced we would not have been able to achieve that without your excellent help.”<div class="quoteauthor">Matty White,<a href="http://www."> Company</a></div>
    “…a rent-a-CFO service…invaluable.”<div class="quoteauthor">Brad Qitter,<a href="http://www."> Company</a></div>
    “SBL has helped me understand and take greater control of my finances…a 'must have' for any business owner who needs to know their financial outlook.”<div class="quoteauthor">Jose Farder, <a href="http://www."> Company </a></div>
    “Awwwesome, dude!!!”<div class="quoteauthor">Scott Maher, <a href="http://www."> Company </a></div>
    “Helps me stay focused on the BIG picture.”<div class="quoteauthor">Linda Eliss, <a href="http://www."> Company </a></div>
    “Over 5 years we grew 300% – our accounting system needed an overhaul to take us to the next level with our Bank and Reporting – SBL was professional, focused and thorough — a valuable Team member.”<div class="quoteauthor">Peter Murphy, <a href="http://www."> Company </a></div>
    “…an invaluable part of my business! I have been able to move my home office into a commercial space, clean up my bookkeeping, devote a percentage of time to pipeline issues, and manage my overall finances with confidence!”<div class="quoteauthor">Principal of a B2B service firm</div>
    “I really enjoy your blog! Has given me much to think about.”<div class="quoteauthor">Candy Larder, Partner,<br /><a href=""> Company </a></div>
    “Your…blog is terrific. A quick bite with many pearls of wisdom for all businesses. ”<div class="quoteauthor">Judy Bright, President, <a href=""> Company </a></div>

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