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  • I love Elementor, but if we can’t use custom JavaScript in our websites, it’s just a useless toy in the toy box. I don’t care if it’s with a plugin, or what… Somehow we have to be able to use JS in our websites, or I just bought a worthless chew toy for my dog and it’s pretty expensive for only that.

    PLEASE tell us what the future of supporting JavaScript will be. If the answer is never, you need to put that on the website a little more up front so you don’t waste peoples time!

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  • A fix? For what?

    I’m very confused by the title. Curious, what is keeping you from using custom javascript specifically and how this is somehow the Elementor plugin’s shortcoming?

    In simplicity, one could use the html element and add script tags. I’ve done this a few times while prototyping my code in the live editor.

    Additionally there is documentation within the WordPress codex and tons of tutorials explaining how to add scripts to one’s theme or child theme.

    Lastly, there are a lot of plugins that allow for adding scripts without adding/modifying theme files so I’m baffled how this is an Elementor problem, which is also free so I’m not sure exactly what you paid for either.

    Hope this helps and best of luck to you.

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    First, I’m sorry… I came off as a real @** there… Lost my dad last week, not enough sleep and frustrated by being behind. If there was a way to delete this thread, I’d do that. So, please accept my apologies.

    Now, what my real problem is… We are wanting to design a page in Elementor, but needing to call some JavaScript that gets some information from NASA on their Martian Rover. I know I can create a page using Elementor Canvas (so it has the header/footer from Elementor)… But if I use it in the page design itself, I can’t use that code.

    Is there a workaround?

    I also don’t understand. I am using the HTML widget on a page to insert Amazon Native Ads javascript and it works just fine. Also, many themes have an Integration section in the options for insertion of javascript. This should not be a problem.

    BTW, the HTML widget is hiding way down in the widget list. Look for the </> icon.

    My condolences for your loss. As for your code, its still hard to say because I’m not sure of the context in which your javascript must be applied. For example, there may be dependencies loaded in a certain order or some other fashion.

    Any way you can provide an example of what you’re attempting to achieve?

    Just to give you an example, in the Elementor editor, drag an html element to the bottom of your design and paste this to use the jQuery library then check your browser console:

    <script type="text/javascript">
      console.log('it works!');

    Maybe check out –

    Never used it myself but came up decently ranked when I searched “scripts” on the repo.

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