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  1. Walid
    Posted 3 years ago #

    It's annoying and I don't know if it have any effect on SEO or Google ranking and so.

    I have a sub-domain multisite, and when I started it I choose to make base url without www based on an advice here that it's the best option, now when I try to press Ctrl+Enter for opening sub-blog I get error, and even if I wrote www manually in front of link it won't load, example:


    it won't load if with www:

    you have any idea how can I fix that by wordpres or DNS or so? and for a new multisite I'm starting nowadays, what is the best option to choose regarding www for a clean start and good SEO?

  2. http://www.ar.princewords.com isn't a good URL. ar.princewords.com is a good URL. Keep that. It's good for SEO :)

  3. Walid
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thanks Ipstenu :) but isn't there a way to redirect people who visit the www link simply by Ctrl+enter ? I just tried wordpress.com blogs and it worked with www too
    for example from freshly pressed list:


    is there any redirect rules to achieve the same result?

  4. How is control-enter sending them to http://www....?

    Anyway, you can use .htaccess to redirect - http://perishablepress.com/stupid-htaccess-tricks/#red2

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