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  • I bought the plug-in for $15. I expected it to work well, but it gave me a few nasty surprises. First of all, the reseller congratulated me with buying a ‘subscription’. I did not opt for this, nor was it mentioned in the license agreement. Although it was easy to cancel, I consider this illegal practice.

    After updating my site from HTTP to HTTPS, it turned out only this plug-in did not update/change its http prefixes in the gallery previews it created. Since the prefixes for these previews were hidden and caused ‘insecure connection’ warnings in browsers, I had to install an additional plug-in to fix this problem.

    I give two stars, not one, because besides these – serious – flaws, it works fine and gives beautiful light-box options.

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  • @jeroen1969 – thanks for taking the time to review our plugin!

    The HTTPs issue you’ve also reported is something really common and not an actual plugin issue. There’s no way for Modula to figure out you’ve installed an SSL and that you’ve changed the site’s URL from http to https.

    Although, in hindsight, we probably shouldn’t hardcode the image URLs in the database. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve figured out a really really simple solution that we’ve missed for not having this problem down the road with Modula.

    Again, THANK YOU, for the time you took to write this as well as for your really valuable feedback.

    P.S: In the payment pop-up, it clearly states the license is yearly (aka a subscription). Far from being an actual ‘illegal practice’, but I do get your point of view – probably because you missed the fact it’s a subscription, you feel it’s somehow in violation. We’ll address this as well by making it clearer it’s a license.


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    The HTTPs issue you’ve also reported is something really common and not an actual plugin issue. There’s no way for Modula to figure out you’ve installed an SSL and that you’ve changed the site’s URL from http to https.

    Just to pitch in, plugins can check if the URL is using SSL or not: is_ssl(). I’d suggest making this small and quick change in the plugin codebase. 🙂

    @nikolam – the problem appears in this particular scenario:

    – you’re not on SSL
    – you install Modula and create galleries
    – you install SSL
    – Modula has hard-coded the URLs into the DB as http://

    This is a bug inside the plugin since we’ve been saving the URLs as absolute instead of relative.

    It’ll get addressed shortly 🙂

    P.S: Thanks for pitching @nikolam.

    All the best,

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    Thanks for the replies. I hope the issues will be solved soon. I have noticed some more:
    – the ‘swipebox’ does not display captions on mobiles (although this option was selected). The other boxes do.
    – on tablets, there appears an unwanted outline/shadowline around some of the images. On phones / desktop they are not visible (= according to my settings)
    – hitting the ‘back’ button in a lightbox brings me back to a previous page – this is not logic. It should bring be back to the page where I opened the lightbox.
    – sporadically, the lightbox seems to load wrongly and just one still picture appears. After reload, the lightbox works OK.

    @jeroen1969 – thanks for reporting these issues.

    I assure you we’ll do our best to address these problems in the shortest possible time. I’ve opened up a ticket with our dev team, here:

    You can follow the ticket to see progress on the issues you’ve reported, if you want to.

    Thank you for taking the time to write here and let us know about your findings.


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    Thanks, I will follow the ticket but do not want to login there to add additional bug reports. I prefer to do that here.
    Please note that my issues concern the paid Modula Pro version, not the Lite version.
    – Although I bought Pro, the Lite version is still visible in my WP dashboard after the upgrade. I can not remove the previous Lite version. Worse – they are both called ‘Modula’ in dashboard, without Lite or Pro extension.
    – Lightgallery displays arrows and some others elements that fade away on mobiles after 5 secs. However, this happens only with the first image. The elements stay visible on all next images and do not fade. I consider this to be a bug. (tested on phone / tablet, Chrome)

    @jeroen1969 – have you tried removing the LITE version of Modula and it didn’t work? Or you don’t know which one to remove since they’re both called the same in your back-end?

    I’ve updated the ticket with your findings.


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