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  1. Captain 777
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I have 3.0 with Multisites set up - based on the subdomain approach.
    All my sites work great (site1.xxx.com, site2.xxx.com, etc). (xxx is dummy name)
    However, I get "caught" when I try to access my email server using the standard "mail.xxx.com". It simply goes to registration "http://xxx.com/wp-signup.php?new=mail".

    I set up a separate mail server (google.com) and changed the MX headers to point there...with no luck.

    I tried creating a page called "mail" and using the "Page links to" plugin redirect "xxx.com/mail" to the third party server URL (google). I get an error 404 instead.

    (However, If I click on the actual page (not just type in URL)...then it does work. My solution needs to be a simple URL for mail)

    My Question (finally)...How can I get mail.xxx.com to work?


    "newbie with dangerously little info, and willing to use it!"

  2. if you're using Plesk, I shall quote Andrea:

    Seems to be a known issue with Plesk 9.

    and a fix even:

    If not, what are you using? cPanel?

  3. Basically, the wildcard subdomain record is kicking in before the actual specific subdomain records, and taking priority. Gotta move 'em around.

  4. Captain 777
    Posted 5 years ago #

    ipstenu - not using Plesk 9. cPanel Thanks

    Andrea_r - "Gotta move 'em around." definitely sounds like the right thing to prioritize the "*" down...but I'm not sure what that is exactly. Is this something I should be working via WP or via cPanel (Domain management)?


  5. cPanel. How did you add the * one?

    I've got cPanel as well, and doing that (pointing * to public_html) works fine with my named subdomains. I know this ONLY works on cPanel X and up.

  6. Captain 777
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I added the wildcard * in the cPanel "create a subdomain" and it's pointing to "public_html/xxx.com".

    I wonder if the fact that I have several sites in the "public_html/" will mess things up? The setup seems to work just fine for my site1.xxx.com, etc. Just this 'named subdomain' issue.

  7. Before we get too deep into this, check what version of cPanel you're running.

    I was about to say it should point to JUST public_html but ... Detour to explain how MY sever's setup. It may help.

    /home/ipstenu/public_html - All my wordpress files live here.
    /home/ipstenu/public_html/svn - My NAMED subdomain SVN lives here.

    In cPanel, I have two subdomains:

    1) * (pointing to public_html)
    2) svn (pointing to public_html/svn)

    So in theory, yours should look somewhat similar to that

  8. Captain 777
    Posted 5 years ago #

    - Cpanel 11
    - Let me compare with my setup:
    ALL WP files are in /home/myfolder/public_html/xxx.com
    NO subfolders in xxx.com (other than wp-content, etc)

    In cPanel: only 1 subdomain: * (pointing to public_html/xxx.com)

    I thought of putting a mail.xxx.com in cPanel as a named subdomain, but I thought this would interfere with the MX header routing to the mail server.

    Any thoughts?

  9. Captain 777
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Ok..I tested something.
    If I create 123.xxx.com in cPanel and point it to public_html/xxx.com/123, it does work. When I enter http://123.xxx.com in the browser, it goes straight to the folder. (not to the registration on WP, as with others.)

    So...question now is how to 'name' a 'mail' subdomain to point to the mail server?

  10. I thought of putting a mail.xxx.com in cPanel as a named subdomain, but I thought this would interfere with the MX header routing to the mail server.

    That might work. Won't know till you try, right? :D

    Are you on a VPS or a shared host?

  11. Captain 777
    Posted 5 years ago #

    in cPanel...
    1. created a named subdomain 'mail.xxx.com'
    2. Redirected the subdomain to my mail server (http://mail.google...etc)
    3. Now mail.xxx.com goes straight to the mail server!

    xxx.com MX header was updated with 'google' mail server details...so mail is flowing there correctly.

    Thanks for getting the creative juices to flow!

  12. Davenow
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi all,

    I sort of have the same problem, I think! I've got wordpress 3.0.1 with multisite running on shared hosting with heartinternet. Basically when someone type in http://www.skinnycreative.co.uk the site works just fine but if you use http://skinnycreative.co.uk then it gets re-directed to http://www.skinnycreative.co.uk/wp-signup.php?new=skinnycreative.co.uk

    The control panel is eXtend & I dont know how to access the httpd.config

    Could someone point me in the right direction as to what to do :)

    Cheers in advance

  13. This isn't the same problem :) and you posted in another thread.

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