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    This is really bizarre, but for whatever reason when I have Contact Form 7 activated on my site, I can no longer add categories in WP. And this goes for ANY part of WP that has categories – Like using Woocommerce for example.

    I’ve spent hours and hours trying to figure out the problem after having disabled every other plugin except Contact Form 7. I disabled it now I’m able to add categories. If I enable and try again it doesn’t even try it seems.

    However, what I did find was that if I hit refresh after a failed attempt to add a category, it actually shows up. So I’m baffled. Is it a browser issue? I tried it in both Safari and FF on Mac (latest on both).

    Ideas other than ditching it?

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  • Oh and I wanted to add that I removed the plugin completely and reinstalled it. Same issue.

    What’s more bizarre is that I have it running on a local installation with no issues. I’m really baffled by this.

    Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    What theme do you use?

    Hi there. I’m using Shopsum which is a theme from WP Titans. Along with problems adding categories when it’s active, CF7 was also affecting the media manager in WP 3.5.1. No images would show up in the modal window when it’s active. Deactivate it and all is well.

    I did manage to find another contact form plugin that doesn’t cause any issues. It’s called “Simple Basic Contact Form”. Not sure that will give you anything to go on though.

    I turned on script debugging and I get 2 warnings when I try to add a category with CF7 active:

    1362502222017 Sync.Engine.Forms WARN GUID query returned undefined; turn on Trace logging for details.
    1362502222017 Sync.Tracker.Forms WARN Attempted to add undefined ID to tracker

    Absolutely NO idea what that means

    Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    I don’t think this issue or the warning you wrote in the last comment is related to Contact Form 7 at all. Are you sure?

    Well, I don’t think it’s coming from CF7, but it only happens when CF7 is active and I try to add a category. When I tried to use the media manager modal window I didn’t get any errors, but no images would show up. Just stays blank.


    Just wanted to let you know that I solved the problem. It had to do with the memory limit. I set it to 96MB in my config and now I get no errors.

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