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  • Thanks for this brilliant plugin!

    My problem: I use Markdown. I find that when I use Search Regex, it is searching the HTML rendering of the Markdown, not the actual Markdown source. So, any changes I make will get undone if I edit and save the post.

    To reproduce:

    – Install Jetpack and enable Markdown.
    – Compose a Markdown post and save. Include a broken link.
    – Use Search Regex to search for the link. In the results, you will see the HTML version of the link.
    – Use Search Regex to fix the link with “Replace and Save”.
    – View the post. Your change has been made and the link is working, but …
    – Now edit the post. You’ll see that your original Markdown hasn’t been changed. The link is still broken. Tweak the post in some other way so you can save it again, and …
    – View the post. Because you edited the source and saved, the HTML was rendered again, and now the link is broken again.

    Would it be complicated to be able to search and replace whatever the actual Markdown source is? Or would that mean a lot of work?

    Thanks again.

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