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    I´m looking for an option regarding the user registration, or actually regarding the way a new user can be activated.

    As we use it now, the administrators need to approve all new users, but we would like to send e-mail to the user with a confirmation-link where the user have to click on in order to confirm the e-mail address and to activate the account. This will save the administrators a lot of time.

    I guess this option isn´t possible today – but is it possible to get it on a wishlist perhaps?

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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    There will probably be a double opt-in process in the future.

    If your concern is that the user provides a valid email address, the process as it is now confirms that – the user receives their password via email (unless you set up user chosen passwords for the registration process) so if they didn’t provide a valid email address, they would be unable to login even if activated.

    I’m looking for the same thing. The problem with not having a double opt in is database management. There are still user records for those that spam the site. A confirmation link that prevents the user record from being created would keep the database cleaner.

    Any word on when this might be added?

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    What you are talking about @jt70 is actually a slightly different issue. You are talking about preventing the user information from being added as a user until they are confirmed (as opposed to the suggestion which would have the user self validate their email is valid). The problem is that the user’s registration information still needs to be stored somewhere, just not being added as a user.

    That would be possible be creating a separate database table to do it, but that probably will not be something that makes its way into the plugin. I have avoided having the plugin add custom db tables because it adds a level of complexity to having the plugin cleanup after itself if the user uninstalls it. It also would be complicated to implement because not every installation is going to use the same fields (allowing for custom user fields as usermeta rather than a single line in a single table). So, I get what you are saying and requesting. It just doesn’t fit with the plugin’s development at this time.

    I see the challenge there and appreciate the effort to keep the db streamlined. Maybe just have a meta data for the status–pending, confirmed, expired, and give the option to show the field in the user table. You could then sort by status and apply bulk actions to delete the unwanted records. You’d need to have a way to set the expiration time, though, and a way to update the records.
    I used to use a plugin called SABRE that did a good job with this, but it’s nearly 2 years out of support. Might give you some ideas, though, on how the confirmation links can be managed. It actually had a way to manually confirm users as well, in case the confirmation link didn’t work, or didn’t get sent properly.
    Sounds like you are working on this already. Thanks. That’s great news. It will really help in meeting can-spam regulations for sending messages to my users.

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