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  • Hi, I put a support ticket into Woo Themes, but hoping to get some help sooner than later. They seem to respond more slowly to tickets regarding some of the extensions.

    I have the WLM extension installed, but there are some conflicting instructions in the readme file and their online documentation, and what shows up in the integration settings inside of WC, and so it’s not working for me.

    -I have the generic gateway selected in WLM integration
    -I have the WLM api key in the WC settings
    -I have the correct post url in the WC settings
    -I have correctly set up the sku with the prefix from WC settings

    So, I’ve done everything I can see to do. Few odd things:

    -the readme file says to set the gateway to “processing”. I’m using Stripe and the Stripe WC extension. I have no idea if or where I’m supposed to do this. This instruction is not in the online documentation.

    -the online documentation has an image that show Secret Word in the WC integration settings, but it is not in this version of the plugin. Instead the API is in its place. I’m not sure if this is a bug or simply old instructions.

    If you have used this plugin and might know what to do, I’d really appreciate the help 🙂

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  • any luck?

    I did get it working. I had changed the prefix of the product sku to WL- and when I changed it to WL# it worked. WL# is what they have by default. All I can say is that it started working after that:P I reported this to Woo, but I don’t see anything in the changelog to indicate they’ve fixed this. They did fix another bug I discovered where two people with the same name are given the same username, but only one account exists.

    Did you get it to work for recurring payments – I can only get it working for one payment. What version of the extension are you using? I am using Woocommerce 2.0.4 and the extension is 2.0 I think…

    Recurring payments should only work with the Subscriptions plugin. But I would be interested in how it turne out for you, ryanoelke.

    Yep, got this working fine. Though I’ve run into a bug on more than one site with the WList Extention + Stripe + Subscription combo. The sites will get locked up on the checkout page and not return the order received page, though everything about the order works fine, just not that. I isolated it to exactly this combo and nothing else. Woo ninjas are working on figuring it out. It’s possible they need to code something different to play nicely with servers. Not sure.

    I’m in Europe so I can’t use stripe because it doesn’t process Euro, as far as I know, so I want to go with the combination: Wishlist Member + Subscription + Paypal and

    So you say you got it to work by just changing the sku prefix to WL# instead of WL- ?

    yeah, they had wl# in there by default and I had changed it to WL-. When I changed it back, it worked. I haven’t seen it mentioned in the changelog.

    Would be curious to how your set up fairs, if you have any hang-ups on the checkout page.

    So your checkout page freezes when the order is submitted? And does Woo offer a WLM extension?

    it freezes when using the WL Extension + Stripe Extension + Subscription Extension. And it freezes no matter what kind of product. If I kill the WL Extension, bug is gone. That being said, on my own site, it all works, but on three other sites, I’ve had this problem. And I actually had this problem originally on my site, but it somehow stopped. I haven’t upgraded anything since then for fear it’ll break:P

    the woo extension is not supported very well by woo – and it does NOT work for recurring officially… if anyone has a work around that includes the subscription plugin or that uses paypal that would be WONDERFUL…

    I just got an email and this is the quote of what they said:

    The Subscription extension does not integrate with the WishList Member. If you wish to sell memberships with recurring subscription fees then you would actually want the Groups Extension + Groups plugin:

    There are a few Payment Gateway options for selling subscriptions with recurring fees which you can read more about here:

    What do you think?

    Tom McLellan


    My checkout process is also hanging and never presents the thank you page, running Stripe + Wishlist member + Subscriptions extensions on the same server, on all products (even single pay, non member products).

    Ryan, glad you started this thread. Has WOO responded to this yet via your ticket of 6 months ago?

    We need to move quickly. Assuming Woo cannot or will not issue a fix any time soon, it seems like the best work around may be to drop the Wishlist plugin and replace it with custom programming.

    Stripe + Subscription + Wishlist seems like an obvious combination; hopefully this will get some priority from the developer.

    Tom McLellan


    I submitted a ticket to Woo #63643 ; hopefully this can be resolved with an update to their Wishlist integration plugin.

    I’m also very interested in this configuration.
    I’ll keep my eyes on this thread and will most definitely use this setup if the issue is fixed.

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