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  • I am noticing more and more that when people ask for help on the forums, they are just simply directed to other pages, often that say things like “This is tested through 2.1.2” or “this page needs editing” and the expectation seems to be that everyone is some kind of php wizard and knows what “calling” something is, etc., when sometimes, the answer is just a simple “Put this in your sidebar” and then the code.

    I know that this is completely a volunteer basis kind of forum, but sometimes, dummies like me need a little more hand holding and I don’t think I am the only one.

    ESPECIALLY in 2.3.

    I give up on things because I do not understand how to do them and cannot get clear answers.

    Okay, I will go have a cookie now and simmer down.

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  • Nothing wrong with your request to get better help. But the problem really goes both ways, so I’m going to take this chance a bring up a few points as well…

    When we merely drop a link the goal is to lead someone to a lot more information and (hopefully) answers to their issue than we have time to write up. You may have noticed quite a flood of people post here looking for help. In a flood, it’s difficult to find the time to build everyone a boat. Volunteering here involves allotting to it what free time you might have, so throwing a paddle is often all one can manage. That doesn’t forgive it, but it does explain it a bit.

    However, over and above this, when looking for help here, it’s important to keep in mind we do not know what you know, and we do not know what you don’t know. You state:

    I give up on things because I do not understand how to do them and cannot get clear answers.

    I’m sure many do the same. But, do we know this? It helps us to have as much information, clearly stated, as you do. I think you’ll find when we’ve gone over someone’s head and they actually inform us of this, we try to break things down into easier to digest bits. It won’t always work out since often the topic can’t be hurdled without discussing the technical aspects. WordPress, for all it’s ease of use, is still not a toaster…

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