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  • I really need premium support to work through some hiccups on my site.

    I need the premium support because im trying to run a business and sitting around for 3 days wondering im gonna get this to work or if im gonna get fired really sucks 🙁

    I will literally do ANYTHING for any woo-support staff who sees this and contacts me to help me work through my issues. im sure we can work out a bonus fee or something, please help.

    I need help with WC NAB Transact, WC Subscriptions – subscriptions will process a renewal but NAB Transact does not process the payment.

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  • sorry 2 days not 3.

    I just received that email about credit cards. I can see you obviously have your hands full.

    ill be patient 🙂

    Julian, have you considered hiring a developer with WooCommerce experience to help? That’s essentially what “premium support” is, and there are thousands of developers (probably over 100,000 actually) with WooCommerce experience in the world.

    I used to develop f/t and sometimes ran into situations where I wished I could quickly get paid support rather than waiting. It’s almost a little odd that doesn’t exist as a service.

    That is a good idea,

    The last few days iv been seriously considering it. I’m not a developer more of a helper, i seem to have a nack for bumping into those people who really want a WordPress website to do something, kind of know that it can (probably because they herd it somewhere), but aren’t really the techy type and get frustrated with it too easily. I think it comes from my experience working with websites and bricklayers (no offence to brickies, they are pretty smart).

    I haven’t got heaps of customers this way just yet as i mostly use WordPress at work, but soon it might be worth hiring a developer on a regular basis…

    Thanks for your suggestion 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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