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  • Hi!
    I know this is an odd whish, especially because you spend probably hours in creating the new design and all, but…
    could you maybe _try_ to make wp compatible so that people _could_ get the old b2 style by changing the css file?
    I mean I really think it’s great that somebody took care of the project, but, well…
    as I already pointed out on the b2 board, I would love to see the old, “coulorful” design again, as I’m still a tean, and posting should be fun…
    At the moment, wp somehow _scares_ me….
    Don’t take it personal, please, but, could you just *try* to do your fans a pleasure?
    Thanks… 🙂

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  • You can edit the fonts and colours easily by fiddling with the b2.css file within the wp-admin folder. It’s not part of the core system, so you won’t screw anything up. If you’re nervous about it, rename the original to b2-old.css before you upload your new file.

    well, I thought of sth. like just replacing the new one by the old one…
    which didn’t work… :-/
    however, I’ll give it a try and edit the new one tomorrow… 🙂

    The new layout uses different classes than the old layout file, so the new version has to be worked with to match the right colors to those classes, etc. If you do get this working, please post back and maybe the b2-look could be added somewhere on this site by someone since this is a heavily requested feature.

    I have a couple of versions already done. Not the prettiest, but there you go. Screenshots and text files are available in the post.

    That’s exactly the right kind of effort. Thanks pixilated for doing that.
    Barring anything incredible, changes to the WordPress interface will be evolutionary, not revolutionary. “Fun” is something I’ll keep in mind for future iterations, but the main focus will (always) be usability and keeping things lightweight.

    Just wanted to let you know that I managed to nearly recover the old one.
    However, Netscape has some problems… 😉
    I’ll try to fix that. (Any hints apreciated… 😉 )
    As soon as it’s fixed, I’ll publish the b2.css 🙂
    All link colors work, as well as the loginscreen (which was nearly as tricky as the navigation bar…) and some other things… 🙂

    That looks good. Any idea when it will be out?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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