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  • I think the new version is caching more efficiently (specially with some tweak as written in developer’s own blog).
    There is over 30 milliseconds improvement on average for me (Holy Shmoly!) as per It will be probably better to add the CDN Sync Tool like function as default (with minify option) to upload the static files.

    (I am not going in to detail of origin pull and push as Donncha will understand my point.)
    May be the cache HTML files can be served from CDN (it actually works for Cloud Files with modified headers, you can see a music player here.) But API based header change will be needed (My idea is bizarre – to serve the whole HTML page from CDN instead of the individual components).

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  • Plugin Author Donncha O Caoimh


    Sorry, replicating what Cloudflare is not going to happen. That’s way beyond the scope of this plugin! That would be a headache to support and I don’t have time.

    Its not about Cloudflare or any brand specifically, it is about adding CDN Sync Tool like function – combining, minification and uploading the js and css to any Content Delivery Network or FTP; if you could. As there already an option page for CDN, adding two functions would make the circle complete for page speed optimization.
    CDN Sync Tool does not work properly (as WP Super Cache mentions it) both for Rackspace Cloud Files and Amazon (it has a problem with insertion of the combined files in output), it becomes complicated for an average user to deploy the delivery of all static contents through CDN in compressed, minified way.

    It was just a request, it is understandable that, you might not be able to invest time and energy for a Free Software. We all are quite happy with WP Super Cache and thankful for your continuous work.

    It is not my personal need, my just installed blank WordPress loads ~1 second with WP Super Cache, other plugins and tweaks :
    The request was for the others who fumbles what to do.

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