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  • I started using BeaverBuilder based on a review. I immediately liked the balance between ease of use and richness of features.

    The repository version lets you do all the basic things you probably want to do with a page builder: create rows and columns (including columns within columnns!!!) and then put text boxes, images, headings, and raw HTML modules in them. Oh, and widgets! You can put widgets in pages too which is pretty nice.

    Extra credit: as you add text or images you see the results right on page!

    As I said in the title, I just get tired when I re-open one of the older sites I built before I started using this tool. I’m often tempted to just rebuild them rather than wrestle with the shortcodes, divs, and CSS I used to build complex pages previously.

    For the record since I build a fair number of sites I quickly updated to the Pro and then Agency versions. That gave me access to the very nice companion theme. Note: you don’t need the theme to use BeaverBuilder, which itself is a really nice feature of the plugin. But it’s a very nice, simple theme with good configuration options in the customizer.

    Anyway, yeah, I really like this tool. It’s nicely balanced. The developer team is responsive. And there’s a thriving community of enthusiasts to go along with it.

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