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  • I am progressively linking my various blogs to more and more social network channels via RSS / Twitter / DLVR.IT as well as individual plug-ins and button/ widgets, with and without filtering on categories from the WordPress blog end. Magic – so far so good. In fact I’m so impressed I have even been donating to a few open-source plug-in developers – keep it up guys 😉

    I have two wishes (infuriations).
    I can’t see how to channel a blog post to a particular Facebook or Linkedin “Group” – not even ones where I am admin – rather than just my own default status feed ? (Am I missing something ?)
    I can’t see any reciprocal arrangements on the Facebook or Linkedin side to ping posts there into my blog (or any RSS-based feeds) (ditto ?)

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  • I haven’t seen any plugin with that functionality for FaceBook. LinkedIn I have no idea.

    It may be a project for a custom plugn development. Find out if the FB/LI APIs support such a thing, and get it into a plugin.

    But you may have to actively hunt down a plugin developer. If yer lucky enough to find one to work on it free great! But you may have to find someone and use some loot.

    I’m just not sure how many plugin devs cruise in here looking for free projects, ya know? If it’s something you really want/need…. it might be good to give it a go actively to try to get it developed, rather than wait and see…..

    Good luck either way, could be handy plugins!

    Understood. I’m not a developer myself, and it seems like an obvious piece of functionality for wider use. As I said, I’m not averse to paying for good work, have done so in the past, but it doesn’t look like a private need, so I’d prefer to share the cost.

    Any suggestions where to place this, so that cruising Plugin Devs might spot the challenge ?

    I’m not really sure where all the devs hang out! lol….. I know sites where you could try to hire someone, but that doesn’t really latch on to the community so much…. Maybe look at the existing plugins, and contact some of the authors to see if there is interest in further development?

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    IRC 🙂

    IRC 🙂

    Thanks! I always forget…. I do all my WP work from…um.. work! I have no access to that from work, so I never use

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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