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    Today I tried to buy a new laptop with Windows10 from my local PC World. I was told how there are 2 versions, W10 and W10(s)
    He thought that for my kind of simple usage W10(s) would be sufficient, but then I told him I had a wordpress website. He wasn’t sure if that would still operate OK on the (s) version.
    So I’m trying to find out if my website, which I have just for my own amusement, not commercial reasons, would still work if I got the cheaper laptop with Windows10(s)
    Any advice would be appreciated, but please bear in mind, I’m 65 years old and not a computer wizz!
    My website is grassybottom.com Thank-you.

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    Your website lives on a server somewhere, not on your laptop. All you need to access it is a browser.

    This is not a WordPress issue.

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    Windows 10S is a more limited version of Windows 10, but WordPress is unaffected. If your site is hosted somewhere and you can access it with a browser, then either is fine. Realistically, just get the normal Windows 10. The S version isn’t helpful or better.

    you can use any device which supports browser.

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    Thank you.

    G’day there, Not sure how you develop your website. I had only come across this W 10S the other day during support job (Heck for me it seemed like a dumb move to set anyone up with it – spose it does protect the very innocent).
    Anyway @cloudybutnice it could be an issue if you went with the W 10S version and were developing WordPress on the Notebook – as it might be your current local server environment is not approved for the Microsoft Store – and that would prevent you from getting access (my understanding is that W 10S just won’t let you download anything – EXCEPT if it is in the Microsoft Store) – at least that was what I discovered when I tried to load a very legitimate program on a NB with it. (up to that point I did not even know about W 10S (must have been living a very sheltered life).
    by the way – on the NB I was working on there was a way to set it back to normal W 10 (it just complained that it was ‘less secure’).
    Surely it should say ‘more practical or usable IMO!
    Good Luck!

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    Hello websouth. I’d pretty much decided to go W10 after the previous replies, you’ve just confirmed it for me. Thank-you.

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