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  • Hello,

    Should the performance (in terms of page load and time to first byte) of WordPress significantly differ when using a Windows server vs Linux?

    The basic Twenty Twelve theme is taking between 8 – 20 seconds to load on Windows and 2 – 3 seconds on Linux.

    Does anyone have any benchmark stats for comparison between the two platforms for WordPress speed?


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  • I couldn’t find any benchmarks, but do you think the performance difference could have anything to do with the different “stacks”?

    Linux servers running WordPress typically use a LAMP stack, or Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP. By contrast, Windows uses WISP, or Windows/IIS/SQL/PHP.

    Setting aside any performance difference between the two, LAMP is much more common than WISP. Since WordPress is open-source (any user could contribute code), that means lots of people identifying bugs or performance issues on LAMP, and only a handful doing so for WISP.

    I don’t have any hard data to back this up though, just some thoughts.

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