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  • I migrated from a Godaddy Windows server to a Linux server yesterday and my main domain and 2 other sites work perfectly. They don’t seem to think it’s their problem since it seems to be a software issue. 2 sub-domains have broken styling and redirect all links to their broken homepages, so no access to wp-admin.

    I have tried renaming all plugins via ftp, renamed all themes to force it to use 2011, and have renamed and commented out, in wp-config, all I can find of w3 total cache, which I thought might be the problem. Now all I get is a blank screen. re-activating my theme gets me back to the broken styling homepage with the same redirect results. I’ve even tried phpmyadmin to change the wp-options/permalink setting and reset the plug-ins with no luck. The weird thing is that all 3 other sites work fine and are similarly configured with the same plug-ins, one even having the same theme.

    My sites that don’t work are

    The sites that work perfectly are:

    Is there anything else I can do? Is a re-install my only option?

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  • I spent another 40 minutes on the phone with GoDaddy with no solution. They had no advice for me except to tell me that a style sheet or template was missing even though I insisted I was looking right at them via FTP.

    Then I noticed the redirect after again attempting to login to It changed to This appeared to be incorrect General Settings>WordPress Address & Site Address settings in WP admin.

    Without dashboard access, I went into myadmin and changed the default wp_options>siteurl and wp_options>home values from to just

    The site works perfectly now, all because these values were somehow not preserved during the migration. I hope this helps someone else.

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