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    I’m getting an infinite redirect loop after upgrading from 3 to 3.1. I’m running this on a Windows machine using the ISAPIRewrite module from Helicon. The permalinks were working fine prior to the upgrade and I’ve already tried resaving them via the admin and restarting IIS on the machine in case anything was being cached.

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  • Thank you for the plugin band-aid! Worked for me.

    I’m having the same issues on a fresh install and a upgraded site.

    IIS 6, Windows Server 2003, PHP5.

    I will use the band-aid ( plugin for now 😉

    pluggable.php, line 987, constant redirect @ function wp_redirect

    Thanks guys and girls.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    @otto – I don’t have a mu-plugins directory. The only directory I have is \wp-content\plugins. I tried putting it there and no luck.

    Okay… Create a mu-plugins directory. Then put it in there. 🙂

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Especially with no up-front acknowledgement and warning that it’s needed.

    If we had more testers who had their sites running the betas on Windows platforms, maybe the problem wouldn’t be in there.

    It’s weird, because I’m sure its been working fine the past couple of days on 3.1. Only today did I get an issue?! It was a fresh site.

    I was also having the issue of the front end of my wp site throwing a 301 (too many re-directs error) after upgrading from 3.0 to 3.1. The backend (admin) of my site was still functioning correctly.

    I took the advice of @jarnez from earlier in this thread and installed this plugin:
    and it solved the problem.


    If we had more testers who had their sites running the betas on Windows platforms, maybe the problem wouldn’t be in there.

    Possibly not and I can certainly understand that we all screw up now and then, certainly including yours truly. On the other hand, when a version update modifies a wp_redirect() function that involves a specific “if($is_IIS)” exception, wouldn’t you expect testing the results on the platform involved to be a normal part of the developer’s own revision process? Sure seems like there’s been a significant oversight this time around.

    Anyhow, all I’m really saying, now that the issue has been clearly identified, is that some up-front acknowledgement and workaround posting might be a good idea to avoid more problems until a proper fix can be worked out.

    Our site is back up, but I can’t log in to the the Dashboard still. Any suggestions for that?

    Otto, are you actually BLAMING Windows people that this is happening? As if anyone said they needed Windows testers…

    I wonder if anyone will acknowledge that maybe this was released too soon. I won’t touch it til Windows problem is fixed.

    Signed, Proud to be Windows WP blogger.

    There have been a number of appeals for testers. Perhaps you just weren’t listening at the time. However, there’s nothing to stop you helping out with beta testing from now on, is there?

    And I’m not listening now, Esmi. How rude.

    What do you think of the odds of going back to 3.0.5 would break the site again? That was the last version of WordPress that worked fine for us. I’m still not able to log into the Dashboard. Can I make things any worse?

    @scythe944 “but I don’t know why you wouldn’t have access to the dashboard, as everyone else with this problem has been able to. “

    I’m having the same problem RevJar does, I can’t access Dashboard.
    Using the mu-plugins it’s a very good idea in order to use the band-aid solution.

    @revjar: Before I upgraded, I backed up files and database. It took me only 30′ to restore WP to 3.0.5 and I had no problems at all. I think it would be the same to you

    @lordarkad I went back down to 3.0.5 last night and everything works just fine. Our site loads up and I get access to the Dashboard. Obviously 3.1 doesn’t like our server.

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