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    Hello, new to WordPress and I’m having trouble setting it up on my server.

    I’m running Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6 on a Dell PowerEdge. I plan on using one IP address to host multiple sites. I am already running one site on the server created in Microsoft Expression Web and uploaded via webDAV. I have Administrator access.

    I want to use IIS’s Host Header ability to host multiple sites.

    To install WordPress, I used Microsoft Web Platform Installer 3.0 guide.

    Here is the info I entered in the “Enter your site information” screen.
    Note: Replacing my personal domain details with “example”.
    Web Site: New Web Site
    ‘WordPress’ application name: ex
    Web Site Name: Example Inc.
    Physical path: C:\inetput\example
    IP address: All Unassigned
    Port: 80
    Host Name:

    In the “Enter application information” screen, I followed the guide’s instructions.

    After clicking “Finish” on MS Web PI 3.0. I opened Internet Explorer and entered http://localhost/ex to complete installation and WordPress configuration. I could not access the application.

    I thought because I had entered my domain URL in Host Name field I was not able to access localhost. So I went to
    No luck there either. I just got the Network Solutions Under Construction page.

    I gathered from the guide to leave the Host Name field empty so it would go to localhost. But I was reading another guide that wrote:

    Host Name : Enter a host name if you are differentiating by host headers.

    I retried following the aforementioned guide but this time keeping everything same in “site information” screen except in the ‘WordPress’ application name: field. I just kept the default / per instructions:

    The slash indicates the root of the website you are about to create.This can be left at default here since the application is already isolated by a different website.

    Tried opening WordPress configuration via localhost and URL, failed again.

    Tried again with the intention of following WordPress’s IIS guide to the letter and leaving the Host Name: field blank. This time, I could access WordPress configuration via localhost. However I did not proceed further because when I went to verify site creation in IIS Manager I found that the site was not assigned a Host Header.

    So long story short, my question is,
    Because I want to run more than one website using one IP, and the only way I can do that is through IIS Host Headers, how does one assign a Host Header to a WordPress site and still access the admin/config panel?

    Thank you for your help.

    P.S. I never saw the screen or the fields for “generate four unique keys”. Does that mean that is unnecessary for the installation?
    I saw on another article that those could be later entered in the wp-config.php file. But do I need to?

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  • If I install with Host Name in place, how do I access WordPress config? Or do I need to just install for localhost the first time?

    So I solved my problem and wanted to leave the solution here for future reference.

    Because I kept going to the Network Solutions Under Construction page, I realized I had to update the domain pointers/DNS (A Records). Once I pointed to my IP address and verified by pinging the domain name, I went to install again.

    I installed the same way as my first attempt; mentioned in my initial post. This time it was a success and I could complete the install by accessing the WordPress admin panel through

    Short version: If you want to install with Host Name, make sure that your Host Name is pointing to your server.

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