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  • Hello, I am setting up some new sites. I have an option of setting them up with Linux based or Windows based. I’ve been told that Linux is the best way to go, and, to install manually instead of through the server’s “self install” method (I can’t remember what that is called!)

    Before proceeding, I’d like more comments – Is Linux the best route? And, should I install manually? Are there benefits to installing manually rather than through the “self install” options in Cpanel?

    Thanks for any comments.

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  • i vote for a server running linux; it’s easy.

    wp installed via fantastico/simplescripts is good, because you’ll have a running wp in seconds rather than minutes.

    I vote Linux. I also vote manual install. I don’t trust installer scripts.

    Thanks for the votes. That’s three votes (plus mine makes four) for Linux. I’ll go that route for certain.

    will I be able to upload a mailing list database (such as excel) in WP? Or, is there a plugin/module that is available to handle one?

    I’ve read that WP is less vulernable than Joomla to hackers, so I am heavily leaning toward WP – but have to make sure it can also handle a mailing list. My membership database is in access/excel, just names & addresses. Is there a module/plug-in that is available with WP for a database?

    If I install via Fantastico, and WP has an update down the road, will I be able to use Fantastico to do the upgrade? No problem doing a manual install – if there are benefits to doing so.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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