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  1. jtpedersen
    Posted 3 years ago #


    Hoping somebody can help. I have 4 blogs I maintain, all on the same server, each a separate instance, WP 3.5.2. One of the 4 will not allow Windows Live Writer to connect.

    When attempting to set up the blog account in WLW, I go through the usual motions. Specify the address, credentials...it goes away for a second..., comes back and says it can't detect type of blog. I specify WordPress 2.2+ (the other WP option doesn't help), fill out the rest of the info, and get back:

    Can't connect to you blog service:
    Server Error - The server reported an error with the following address <verified correct>

    503 Service Unavailable.

    I downloaded the plug-in, "Control XML-RPC publishing." No impact.

    Looking for troubleshooting suggestions. Since I have 3 other WP 3.5.2 blogs on the same service, I do not see this as an ISP issue.

    What am I missing? Thought?

  2. 2ninerniner2
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Which version of WLW are you using? I just set up one on a 3.5.2 site using WLW 2011 and all was fine. I selected the WordPress option on the first dialog (I didn't see a 2.2+ anywhere), filled out the complete address (http://etc), credentials and away it went.

    Have you tried setting the theme on the errant site to the WP default 2012 and deactivating all plugins to test?

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