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    I’ve been using the Windows Live Writer off and on for the past few months to post to my blog. It’s a snazzy interface, and I like the stronger rich text editing features of a client-side product over a browser interface. But I’ve just recently noticed one major issue.

    My WordPress theme is designed to pull the first image thumbnail for each post and display it alongside an excerpt. You can see it in action here: Unfortunately, Windows Live Writer fails to correctly pair my images with posts. Namely, it leaves the post_parent field in the posts table set to 0 rather than the ID of the appropriate post when uploading images.

    I can go in and manually pair things up, but this is a hassle and really destroys any sense of ease-of-use that WLW provides. Does anyone know a way to tweak WLW to correct this error? Maybe there’s a hook within WordPress I can use to programatically set post_parent when a new post is published?

    Ideas? Tips? Suggestions?

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  • The problem seems to have worked itself out. For some reason, only the posts with IDs in the 1200-1300 range were affected. Still trying to figure out why …

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