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  • Has anyone upgraded to WP 2.6 and is using Windows Live Writer? If so, how’s WLW with 2.6? Does it work ok?

    I use WLW and it works perfectly on 2.5.1. For me, WLW compatibility with 2.6 is important. I’m aware of discussions re XML-RPC disabled by default in new installs of WP 2.6 (which you can manually set to enabled). If I understand it correctly, no XML-RPC would result in WLW not working with 2.6.

    My concern, though, is more to do with the new post editing features of 2.6, eg, version control and image captions. Do these affect WLW? I posted a question in the WLW discussion forum but no reply yet. So I figured someone here might know.


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  • There is apparently a way to turn xmlrpc back on in the admin, but I haven’t upgraded yet and cannot tell you exactly how it works. I do know this has been a pretty major discussion on the development side since this concept was released, and not everyone is thrilled about it.

    Basically, it is a security move to turn of xmlrpc for all the people who never use it (which apparently is a huge percentage of the wordpress installs out there). It is a coding version of the old “delete xmlrpc.php” fix.

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    To turn XML-RPC on, you just go to Settings->Writing and click the checkbox. No issues.

    Version control and image captions will not affect WLW. Those are features built into the online editor, for the most part. I have not checked to see if versioning will apply to posts edited using XML-RPC, but it seems unlikely to me…

    Thanks guys, appreciate your thoughts.

    XML-RPC on or off doesn’t seem to be an issue if it’s easy to set it how you want. I wonder, though, how many people who will do new 2.6 installs will really know how significant it is, or not. I can imagine lots of frustrations if they’re using offline editors like WLW that hook into XML-RPC, and now don’t work, and they won’t really know why.

    Anyway, re the post-editing features. I plan to go ahead and upgrade one of my blogs to 2.6 and then try it with WLW.


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    neville: Upgrades to 2.6 leave those options turned on. New installations default to those options turned off.

    I upgraded to 2.6. Was able to post from LW only once. Now I can’t get it to work anymore. I have tried turning the option on and off. LW simply will not recognize my wp 2.6 blog (or vice versa). H E L P !

    I upgraded this weekend to 2.6 also, and it appears that Image upload from Live Writer is now broken.
    Took me some playing around to figure out why I was able to post from writer one minute, but not the next. It works fine as long as your post has No Images.
    There is a way to switch Live Writer to upload images via FTP and not XML-RPC, but I’d hate to go that route. Mine is configured to upload images via XML-RPC and it always worked fine!
    Folks, we need a patch! I can’t figure this out myself, I examined server logs and there doesn’t seem to be any errors. But Live Writer says “connection closed unexpectedly”, when it tries to upload your image with your post.

    Just adding one more thing — looks like I can’t upload images via Dashboard either, says “HTTP Error” in Flash Uploader (but there is nothing in the server logs!), or browser Upload doesn’t seem to do nothing, shows me empty page, but file isn’t on the server.
    I have it setup to /uploads , which is a correct directory on my blog, and what it always was (it is under root), and it has full 777 rights, as it always had.
    I also have “Separate uploads into year/month folders” checkbox, as I always did.
    Yes, of course I completely deleted wp-admin and wp-includes directories, and then uploaded new files. Everything else seems to work perfectly.

    Ok, another update. Looks like clearly a bug.
    Whatever fancy technology is generating Thumbnails in different resolutions during upload, is hard-wired to point to wp-content/uploads, but my folder was /uploads simply.
    Reading the forums I found this may be an issue, so I changed my settings from /uploads to wp-content/uploads (and created that directory with proper permissions, naturally).
    Both Dashboard Upload and Live Writer Uploads now work.
    Matt and Gang, fix this one ASAP. I don’t want to have images in two locations and I don’t want to migrate my images to different place, since it is too much work to fix old posts.
    Keep me posted!

    Oops, hadn’t checked this thread for a bit. (And I subscribed to the RSS feed which I do check but missed this.)

    I have WLW working just fine with the blog I upgraded to 2.6. @Ottyo42, I did precisely that: left the two settings checked.

    @adir1, I’ve had no issues with images in a post written in WLW and then published to the 2.6 blog from WLW. Like you, I have the WLW settings to post images via XML-RPC and not FTP, which is its default. Always has worked and still does with 2.6. My image upload path is wp-content/uploads which it always has been. Unlike you, though, I don’t have uploads organized by date into separate folders.

    Can’t say anything re image upload via the Dashboard as I’ve never done that, not even with earlier WP versions.

    So FWIW, in my experience using WLW on a WP blog upgraded from 2.5.1 to 2.6 (so upgraded, not a fresh install) works fine, including a post with an image.

    @rreynolds, if WLW doesn’t even recognize your blog, could that be re XML-RPC? Take a look at your settings in Settings > Writing – do you have the two check boxes against “Enable the Atom Publishing Protocol” and “Enable the WordPress, Movable Type, MetaWeblog and Blogger XML-RPC publishing protocols” both checked? If you’ve done an upgrade, they both should be checked by default.

    If they’re unchecked, check them and then try connecting WLW again. If that doesn’t work, well, it’s probably something else 🙂

    Oh, and here’s a link to the post I did from WLW to the 2.6 blog and which includes an image:

    I have a problem with WP installation and its XMLRPC function. I cannot establish an account in WLW for my blog. WhenI try to choose the blog platform and enter an adress of my XMLRPC file, it shows me a dialogue windows like this
    the adress of the file is The XMLRPC function is activated, everything was checked a dozen times, everything seems to be correct – but it doesn’t work.
    Any idea, what could it be?

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