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  • Hi,

    PROBLEM: Windows Hosting + www removal + Firefox and @fontface.

    • A site I am working on for a friend is hosted on Windows and the normal function of the stripping out the www in the URL is not functioning as it would on Linux hosting.
    • Normally, the www would be stripped before site loads, but this is not happening. (Once a menu item is clicked, then it is using the WP site url without www but that first page retains the www.)
    • Windows hosting has a web.config file instead of the htaccess and I am unsure what to add to that file….if that is the way to go.
    • This would not be an issue except with the strict way Firefox deals with @font-face files. (other browsers are fine) If I load the fonts relative to site URL with www then the first page load is fine, style-wise, but once an item is clicked and the site starts using the WP URL without www then FF doesn’t find the fonts.
    • And if I do the opposite and load the fonts relative to URL without www then the first page loads without the fonts and then internal pages are then fine once using WP URL without www.
    • Absolute URLS work no better since FF just notes the last CSS entry and bases the route to the font files relative to the first page load url.

    Hope this makes sense. Thank you for any help. Not a huge deal but annoying and I am not sure what to do.

    • Some sort of piece to add to the web.config file?
    • A firefox @font-face work around?
    • I could just add www into the WP URL…but I’d rather not if there is a better solution.

    Thanks again.

    ps. posted this in installation forum first…my apologies.

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