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  • As a part-time job, I develop websites for several different business clients. The majority of these sites are build on WP, but all of them use PHP and MySQL exclusively. I have a client now who needs a website to be compatible with an existing .NET system on their server. This system manages a large MySQL database and interacts with client-side software on their customers’ computers. The website needs to interface with this system in order to automate purchase processes, create new customer entries in the database, and serve as a front-end for customers who need to change their account information.

    So I have two questions:
    1) Can WP interact with a system like this? Or should I take the time to build a new system on a .NET framework system?

    My second question is dependent on that one:

    2) I run several instances of WP on my server, and I usually set up a live site for my clients so they can watch as I work and offer criticism on design and function before the project is complete. If I have to build on a .NET framework, I need to switch from a Linux to a Windows server (I can’t afford to run both). Will this affect my current WordPress setups? Will WordPress run on a Windows server? Should I just find another way to host/demonstrate the system?

    Ideally, I’d just build the site on WP with PHP as usual … but I’m out of my depth now that the client wants to work with .NET. Any suggestions?

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