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    Hi, is there a quick fix for Windows 8 touch screens and wordpress NAV Li menus?

    it does not seem to like hover drop down menus.


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  • Good question. I’ve just run into this myself. A (possibly) quick and (definitely) dirty workaround might be to manually put a row of the submenu links across the top of each page individually so they’re always visible. This would require each page and probably some css to be edited but no code changes to the menu.

    This could probably be automated in PHP as well but I’m not familiar with the menu structure code yet.

    It’s really strange that this question is not asked more often. I hope the twenty thirteen designer might make a theme update that addresses this as it’s quite important considering more and more windows 8 pc’s and tablets are showing up lately.

    Perhaps if there was some way to have a timer on the hover so it stays open for 5 seconds which would give the user a fighting chance of clicking the menu below. Any ideas anyone?

    Stumbled onto a plugin that supports touch screen by allowing taps to open menus: Black Studio Touch Dropdown Menu but it apparently doesn’t work without changes for Windows 8.

    I’ve been experimenting with the secondary menu bar idea, which is probably what I’ll go with when I get my site converted over to WordPress.

    Thing is I don’t want to replace my entire menu as I spent a while making it look just right..

    If there was some way to set a hover timeout value so the menu faded out after 10 seconds of non activity that would work.

    Because in its current form when the menu loses focus from the mouse it closes immediately. If however it faded out after a few seconds that would give the touch windows 8 user a chance to select a menu item.

    Most tablets don’t have hover. Some will inject a fake hover event but the click event that immediately follows will load a different page. The Black Studio plugin with the fix is probably the closest you can get to the timer idea, although I haven’t tried it yet.

    The Black Studio plugin does not work I can confirm as I have just tried it on a windows 8 touchscreen.

    next idea…. anyone?

    The plugin works after applying the two changes from You need to replace one line and add one line in one of the .js files. I can send you the modified .js if you like so you can just paste it in the Editor in the admin area if you like. You can contact me at support at binaryboy dot com

    I changed both .js files in the plugin to the values here
    uploaded over top of old ones
    still doesn’t work. Not sure what I am doing wrong here

    I’m using Internet Explorer 11 now..Same problem

    Can you send me one of the .js files (preferably the uncompressed -dev one) so I can see how it differs from my working copy? support at binaryboy dot com I tested my copy with a Surface RT and it works ok. You can try it at and tap the Support menu to trigger the dropdown.

    ok will do thanks

    binaryboy many thanks that fix does work now! Sorted.


Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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