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  • I am having a strange problem with this theme.

    On Windows 8, with IE 10 the thumbnails for the featured image on the home page are displayed in full size, not as small thumbnails. All other browsers are OK.

    Testing in Windows 7 with Chrome, Firefox, and IE11 works fine.

    My site is at if it helps to find an answer.



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  • Have you tried using IE 11 with Windows 8?

    Did you also try out IE 10 in windows 7?

    IF possible try checking your website on another machine with windows 8 and IE 10 installed to see if you get the same results.

    Also, did this problem occur out of the blue?


    I have tried a Windows 7 machine with IE 10 and this also exhibits the same problem, while a Windows 8.1 machine with IE11 is fine, so I think maybe it is a problem for machines only with IE10?

    Also, everything is fine using my Android phone with various browsers, I will check Linux tomorrow.



    I have now checked with Firefox on Linux Mint and that also works OK, so I can only assume it’s an IE10 or earlier problem.

    I do not know if this problem is new or not as I only installed this theme yesterday.

    I think for the temporary measure I will re-size my featured images to be the correct size.



    Theme Author zenoven


    I tested on a virtual machine of WIN8, emulated the IE11 to IE10. It looks good.

    Any screen shots ?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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