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  • I downloaded and installed Windows 8 today, which I have running great in dual boot with W7… obviously that is not the issue for this forum.

    What is the issue is that after making this post and all went well, I realized I had a typo on the caption of the image.

    When I went to edit the post and revise the caption, if I click on the edit image icon when clicking the image in the post editor, the image editor would not open, nothing happened, no warnings, no anything….

    Q: Will WP be ready for W8 soon?

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  • I’ve had WordPress running on Windows 8 Preview with no issues for a while now. Considering all of the possible server configuration options available, what makes you think it’s WordPress related?

    I also was running the CP, no issues…now an issue…And I am not running the CP, I am running RTM.

    I hesitate to think it’s OS related. What are you using for server apps/package? When I get some time tomorrow I’ll create a new image and try to duplicate any oddities. Just so I’m comparing apples to apples, did you install and configure MySQL, PHP and Apache individually, or did you go another route?

    I am not running the server on W8.

    I think I might be completely misinterpreting your question.

    Q: Will WP be ready for W8 soon?

    I made the assumption that you had installed WordPress on Windows 8, and were experiencing some difficulties.

    Are you indicating that you simply had an issue editing your existing WordPress web site while using the web browser on a computer that was running the Windows 8 RTM release?

    re you indicating that you simply had an issue editing your existing WordPress web site while using the web browser on a computer that was running the Windows 8 RTM release


    Ahhh… Now I understand! 🙂

    What you could do if you have some time, is install a couple of other browsers on the Win 8 release and see if the same thing happens. Grab a copy of Chrome and Firefox, and make sure that your browser flash components are installed and up to date so you can test flash based features. See if you can duplicate the issue in more than one browser. That might help in discovering if there is actually anything odd going on, or if it might just be browser related.

    Windows update on 8-14 then lead to updates for adobe and java….It’s more involved than on the tissue. There is an unspoken issue…

    There isn’t really any constructive feedback in our discussion yet to base any bold statements on, so intimating that it’s a WordPress issue isn’t a very tenable position at this point.

    Did you get a chance to try the same thing using different browsers like I suggested, and if so, what were the results? ..and what browser were you using when the issue happened? If you tell me what browser it happened in, I’ll be glad to try and duplicate the issue using my own copy of Win 8 RTM and whatever browser you were using at the time, on one of my own sites. The description of what you were doing at the time is quite specific, so I’m pretty sure I can duplicate what you were doing when it happened, and see if I can get the same results.

    Yes, I guess I should have been clear that I am using desktop IE10 with W8 x64.

    Might it have to do with IE10 dropping selectors:

    This is what I see at bottom of the edit box when I click on the image in the post:

    Path: undefined:div » undefined:dl.wp-caption aligncenter » undefined:dt.wp-caption-dt » undefined:a » undefined:img

    If I switch to IE9 mode, the correct tags are shown:

    Path: div » dl.wp-caption aligncenter » dt.wp-caption-dt » a » img. wp-image-3262

    But I still cannot edit the image…

    I did test with Chrome just now, and all was as expected, I was able to edit the image…

    So to clarify my question, anyone else seeing this behavior or otherwise having any issues with IE10 such I am?

    @seacoast Web Design

    I finally got a chance to install a fresh image of Win 8 Enterprise RTM and test the issue out using IE 10. (I’m posting from it right now… I do like the font rendering in IE 10. Nice!) I created a post, inserted and image, captioned the image with an error and then published it. All worked normally. I then went back to the visual editor to edit the caption, clicked on the “edit image” icon, and the editor opened up normally and let me fix the caption. I’m sorry to say that I could not duplicate the issue. I was actually kind of hoping that I might be able to re-create the problem. Sorry I took so long to get back to you.

    Hmmm…very glad to get this feedback…there must be some differences in our installs, plugins, other programs, as one would have to conclude if they were fully identical, the same issue would occur.

    I have a new site I am working on, I will disable all plugins, use the default theme, and see if it continues….and report back.

    Again, thanks for the feedback!

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