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  • Im about to set up my first self-hosted blog, and I have some questions about the lay-out and if multisite/network is the right way to go.

    I want to have a blog where my “home” is

    where two of the pages re-direct to two other blogs called

    I want all three of them to be blogs (not static pages). I want the “home” on the two path-blogs to be, while the actual blog pages are called “foodblog” and “travelblog” – and then some static pages on both of them.

    I have the lay-out in my head, but Im not quite sure how to DO it! Is multisite the right way to go? Is it possible to do it the way I describe? I do not expect to get the whole recipe how to do it – but I need feedback if I can create this with multisite.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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  • If I understand you correctly, yes multisite will work like that. The first blog would be .com, and if you set it up as using subfolders, blog_id 2 would be food, and id 3 would be travel.

    As for the question of “is it the right way”, I defer to Ipstenu and Andrea_R 🙂

    Why do you want to redirect a page /food to foodblog?

    Why not just make the subsite named /food and be done with it? You can even use a static front page on the blog /food to look like a page on

    Thanks for your replies.

    I dont want any of the sites to have a static frontpage – I want flexibility with changing content of all three of them (where posts from both /food and/travel shows on the “home” page).
    I want it to appear as one site, where /food and /travel looks like integrated “pages” on – but in reality those pages re-directs to the two independent blogs.

    You can do that with Multisite, just use the same theme on all three sites.

    Now that said. Are you sure you need separate BLOGS for this?

    To quote myself:

    If every single subsite is going to be exactly the same, except for content, but the content is all written the same way, you don’t need MultiSite. Replicating the theme and settings on every subsite is a pain, and you can achieve the same result with categories, tags and Custom Post-Typess


    Consider what you want your URLs to look like and how they should be organized. You may be better served with Custom Post Types 🙂

    Thanks for your great explanation Ipstenu.
    I will rethink the structure to be sure, then I will experiment abit ans see if I can get it right without multisite.

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