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  • …to walk me through set up. i’ve been banging my head for a week.

    i can NOT seem to wrap my brain around how to use worpdress “file uploading”. all i want to do is upload my site header to my blog (so that the 2 match) and i can’t figure it out to save my soul. the wordpress (as well as bluehost and filezilla) instructions don’t seem to be for newbies. i’ve poured over it for a week and all i’ve managed to do is SET UP wordpress, filezilla and bluehost. can’t do anything IN them though!!

    i know i am missing something simple most likely, but i have ZERO common sense when it comes to this. the only thing i understand (barely) is that bluehost is my “host”, and i use filezilla so my computer can “talk” to bluehost, and of course wordpress for the actual publishing.

    i am literally at the point where i will pay someone to walk me through set up (mainly just make it look pretty :), so that i can make my first blog post!!!

    would appreciate any advice and anyone that wants to step up and take this “job”!!

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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