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  • Hi everybody,
    I wonder why the new WP mu does not have the widget integration of WP 2.2 integrated. As the upgrade to WP 2.2 made many very usefull widgets useless and destroyed thousands of blogs, costing millions of working hours and $ for the community, I am afraid WP mu will be updated too and the new widget function will be integrated. This will mean that the users of WP mu will have the same problems the upgraders of WP have and in this case should stay away from installing mu until it will have the widgets integrated.(Anyway, the integrated text and rss widgets are much worse than e.g. the King widgets, which stopped working in WP 2.2.) At least WP 2.2 should have be programmed including the advantages of widgets we cannot use anymore…

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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