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  • Hi,

    We are a travel related website. As part of our service we would like to offer the users the ability to write blogs about their travel experiences. The service will be free to the users.

    We are looking for the “right” blogging product. We prefer PHP and MySQL…so MT is out (also it is cost prohibitive).
    Looked at most of the products listed here –

    Looks like WP provides very good and intuitive UI for writing blogs and uploading images. This is very important since our user community may not be very tech savvy. But I also read here ( that WP may not be ideal for “heavier community site with multiple contributors and different content areas.”

    So my question to the group is –
    – Do you know of any site where WP is being used as a community site?
    – Are there any known or potential issues with using WP as such?

    Where can I find some expertise who can set this up for us?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


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  • Perhaps you can clarify more as to what you are looking for. If each user is to have their own blog, then you’ll have to install WP for each user. If you are looking at having one blog with multiple authors, then WP will work. There is WPMU, which does provide multiple blogs for users, works similarily to WP, but has its own support.

    You may very well find that covers more of what you want.


    Each user will have their own blog(s). So I guess WP is out. Thank you for pointing me at WPMU.



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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