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    Now you don’t have to be flash guru or computer geek. Anyone can make flash website in 30 minutes, even your grandma. All you have to do is to download free AuroraFlash Builder and switch on your imagination.

    Working in Visual Design mode allows you to create flash site and make all necessary changes on the fly. The application interface is as simple as possible. We did our best to make the process of website development more than intuitive. To master the basics of AuroraFlash you have to spend about 20 minutes. User friendly site creator wizard walks you through all steps of making new site. If you want to change any aspect of the site you can always roll back without the risk of data loss.

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  • It would not seem likely. It’s a different breed of dog. A flash website is built in, well, “flash”. I don’t believe AuroraFlash is equipped (or intended) to deal with the dynamic content aspect that sql and php driven applications provide. Flash is neither of those. It’s xml driven and designed to build flash based sites using a pretty much “point and click editor” for people who know nothing about flash. It looks pretty interesting though. It might be fun to mess around with.

    Show up in your feed reader ok?

    OK, as you can tell I’m not very techie. However, what’s wrong with flash and databases? Won’t my images & stuff still end up displaying properly on my site?

    I’m mainly looking at getting into something I can set up as a portfolio of my wife’s great design work.

    Point & click is way the market is going, whether in flash or other stuff. A futurist mate of mine said that things are heading in this direction…

    It’s like iWeb (drop and drag, no coding unless you want to) meets WordPress.

    It is one of those hosting & software package deals and at $8 the hosting/software package could save me hundreds of hours of trying to bend wordpress to my needs… and failing.

    If wants to really appeal to the non-technical market, they’d better watch some of these “drop and drag” guys because the software is booming along in leaps and bounds in a totally code-free way and people are flocking to it!

    I love wordpress… from what I’ve seen so far. The movie tutorials are cool, the overall themes are just so much more attractive than anything I saw in Joomla etc.

    But I bite when it comes to coding! I’ve been, on and off, trying to learn CSS all year (while mainly running a print design business).

    I can feel the pull of square space above…. the wife and I are going to use their 14 day trial, and if we like it we’ll be moving across soon, despite having 8 months left on our previous webhost contract.

    I’ll let you know sometime next week whether we made the move across.

    what’s wrong with flash and databases?

    Nothing. I don’t recall implying that there is. You do realize, that WordPress is database driven, by the way. It is (the database) the underlying application that stores your actual content for delivery when called into a page. As for flash? There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s an exceptionally powerful tool for creating beautifully interactive web content. Not a thing wrong with it. I admire the people who really know what they are doing with it. Some of those people are providing applications like the one you refer to above, to individuals who believe they would like to use that sort of thing. It’s that simple.

    Point & click is way the market is going, whether in flash or other stuff. A futurist mate of mine said that things are heading in this direction…

    Trust me. The balance will never really change. There will be those who use this sort of thing because it is convenient/easy, and those who market those programs and provide support to individuals who like to use them… because they are convenient/easy. Some people don’t care to code, and that’s just fine too, but realistically speaking you won’t ever see one without the other. You don’t have to be good at coding for WordPress either. However, if like many others, you decide you don’t like what comes “out of the box”, then you have to learn how to make it different. It doesn’t matter what application you speak of. If you want it to be different than what everyone else has, then you have to venture beyond what came “out of the box”. A perfect example is the extremely high number of beautiful GPL’d or “free” themes, and the plugins made available by the WordPress community.

    If wants to really appeal to the non-technical market, they’d better watch some of these “drop and drag” guys because the software is booming along in leaps and bounds in a totally code-free way and people are flocking to it!

    I don’t think the platform has anything to be concerned about. Like I said. These are two completely different breed of dogs you are talking about… (just a mention, some major differences between, and, where you are now).

    If you want information about WordPress, you are in the right place. If you have a question about WordPress, toss it out there and I’m sure someone will take a bite eventually. The forum is all volunteer, so it’s good to become familiar with how to search using keywords and phrases rather than just taking a chance that a passer-by might have the answer in a timely manner.

    Good luck to you, whatever you decide.

    Hi Guys, being the author of AuroraFlash concept I want to join your exciting discussion :-).
    Regarding the use of sql db. We decided to choose xml data feeds due to several reasons. Have you ever tried to explain “very computer savvy” customer how to create the db (using Cpanel for example), attach db user/host and protect the base with the password? 🙂 Sometimes its damn difficult, people just don’t like to think. Another reason is the following – our software is supposed to create a local copy of the website and synchronize it with the existing server. It’s not a problem when you use xml. But when its sql driven you have to install to your local pc apache web server, sql database engine, tune the php – a big bunch of problems for a housewife or a photographer who just decided to make a website, right?
    And finally the most striking and convincing reason. Once a student who learned programming(without any success btw) told me: “programming must be easy, it’s obvious to anyone. Otherwise what the use of inventing the computer!” Damn, I was shocked! People absolutely hate thinking, they hate reading books(manuals), they just reject it at the very beginning. Everything must be easy, obvious, “drag&drop”! And maybe that’s right? Lets not torture them. Most of them are good guys, they did nothing wrong, just read a book “Top 100 Reasons to Have a Website”
    That’s why I do my best to create intuitive application generating beautiful and useful things. 🙂 Sincerely hope everyone will enjoy it.

    Yeah about the title of the topic. Personally I see no way for AuroraFlash and WordPress to compete. They are just different.

    Well now… There’s a man who either checks his own logs, or has eclipsenow on the payroll! Billy Mays (rest his soul) would be proud of your pitch. Now if we could just get eclipsenow through his “fickle phase” and back onto a proper WordPress site where he belongs…


    🙂 well I was supposed to reply something, it’s my product and it’s being discussed at wow!
    And the pitch was really not bad, agree 🙂

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